New Thought Education & Media for Spiritual Awakening, Personal Tranformation & Life Mastery.

Join us online or in person for events that educate, elevate, entertain and inspire you to see, know, and live the GOOD that is uniquely yours.

live your highest good.

You are eligible for all of the GOOD life has to offer... but you have to choose it.  


How do you choose it?  By recognizing that you are not somehow ineligible because of your past or because an external opposing force is keeping you from it.

New Thought is about allowing your Infinite Self to direct your mind and body into knowing and living the truth of who you are.


This is what it means to live your highest GOOD. Let's celebrate LIFE together.



What is The Institute of new thought?

A reminder that you are a perfect expression of Life; beautiful, wonderfully made, and infinitely GOOD.


WhaT We Do

Facilitate education and experiential practices that cultivate spiritual awakening, personal transformation and life mastery.

“The world will persist in exhibiting before you what you persist in affirming the world is.”

-Emma Curtis Hopkins

Ancient wisdom for modern times.