School of wisdom & being

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

"The kingdom of heaven is within."

The Institute of New Thought School of Wisdom and Being offers a practical yet scientific, metaphysical and experiential model for introducing and expanding the conversation of one’s spiritual and mental nature in the 21st century.  


We believe that a realization of the infinite possibility of who you are can come in an instance or through a mindfully cultivated experience.  Our passion is creating the context and/or a supportive environment for both realities to co-exist.


This means sharing the spiritual technology required for living a life you love. Our inspiring local communities, conference calls, webinars, podcast, videos, courses, books, global events and partnerships teach practices like, visualization, visioning, meditation, affirmative prayer, mindfulness, and the spiritual principles and laws embodied within all religions and faith traditions.


Our instructors are Certified Institute New Thought Practitioners® that undergo a rigorous selection process and are masters of powerfully leading you to the kingdom of heaven always present within. 

Courses for Spiritual Enlivenment and Life Mastery

Learn to ignite the your power of your inner genius, uncover metaphysical mysteries, or how to more effectively achieve personal goals while building deeper more meaningful relationships. 

New Thought Leadership for Oranizations

Organizations that are more creative, collaborative, thoughtful and principle-centered, experience greater efficiencies, have higher employee retention rates and are more profitable. At we the School of Wisdom and Being we help organizational leaders and their employees gain the skills required to align with the laws of nature in their thinking and actions.  The result is a company that organically flourishes from the inside out.

JOIN US for Global Events Weekly

Life is meant to be lived and enjoyed fully.  The School of Wisdom and Being host weekly calls, webinars, and presentations. We also partner with organizations and events around the world to encourage, joyful life-affirming experiences.

Group/Individual Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

Join a coaching group or work with a coach individually to get the support, coaching and accountability your may require to effectively apply New Thought principles to your practice of life mastery and/or goal achievement.

Local Events & Small Groups

Have a cookout, start a book group, volunteer or just enjoy each other's company over coffee. Get to know yourself then celebrate your life with other like minded souls in your local community. Join or start a local New Thought group.