Attraction is Repulsion

Repelling Magnets

There has been much discussion about the Law of Attraction since “The Secret” made its theatrical debut. This movie spread the idea so thoroughly over the coffee tables of America, that it changed the cultural water in America. And regardless of the various opinions about the movie, positive or negative, the cultural change is already a noticeable fact, and the conversations continue and our cultural consciousness continues to evolve.

What’s missing in many of these conversations is the other side of the “Attraction” coin: “Repulsion”. To attract IS to repel. It’s a physical law (Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion) and it’s a metaphysical and mental law.

No two thoughts can occupy the same space at the same time.

Every choice slaughters its alternative, even if only for a while.

Every positive thought replaces a negative thought.

Every “Yes” overtakes a “No”, and every “No” makes space for the “Yes”.

…and on and on it goes…

This idea is not new. It is at the core of all New Thought teachings. It is applied Ancient Wisdom, and it’s found in every “change your thinking” approach to correcting previous thoughts, decisions and conclusions. It’s found in Cognitive Therapy.

This is where my Graves’ Laws, “Behind every ‘NO’ is a ‘YES’.” came from. This Law uses “repulsion” to support “attraction.” Each “No” prioritizes the “Yes” behind it.

Our “No” statements eliminate anything that doesn’t align with the “Yes” of our heart.

If I say, “Yes” to life, my corresponding choices eliminate doing anything that diminishes, discounts, disrespects or harms my life.

Additionally, if I say “No” to destructive behaviors, I affirm my life. My “No’s” affirm my “Yes’s” for living fully. It’s a simple matter of choosing living over not living.

To choose “X” is to repel anything other than “X”. Without repulsion, attraction doesn’t work, and every choice is nothing more than a function of where we put our attention.

By putting my attention on that which you want to attract, more than on that which you want to repel, keeps joy and enthusiasm more alive in your forebrain. And even though you repel with every “No”, this powerful act keeps the space open for the “Yes’s” you desire.


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