Maybe…Maybe Not

A man shrugging his shoulders

Robert Fulghum wrote a book entitled “Maybe…Maybe Not”. The title comes from a Yiddish term, timshel, which means “maybe”, and by implication, “maybe not”.

Long ago I read something that was intended to be humorous: “When all else fails, lower your expectations.” When I saw the quote for the first time, I laughed hysterically. Obviously, I related to the idea more than I really wanted to. I’ll never forget that moment. It really brought me to myself.

With a viewpoint that something we desire or are working toward may or may not come into our experience, we demonstrate one kind of possibility thinking. However, this kind of possibility thinking may… or may not… help us have what we want.

If I embrace the idea that something I want may, as well as may not come, then what am I really choosing? Obviously, I am choosing that it really doesn’t matter what happens. With this viewpoint, I have not really chosen that particular desire as my own. If I say I want something, why would I choose not to choose it?

Why would anyone act like s/he wants something, when in fact, and based on this lackadaisical attitude about it, s/he obviously doesn’t care about it one way or another?

Do you ever say you want something when if fact, you really don’t? Have you ever lowered the quality of your desire because you haven’t yet attracted it? Another term for this would be “settle for”.

If you look at Life from timshel; from the viewpoint of being a victim in a random and fickle universe; that you may or may not experience the life you desire, the possibilities look less than glorious and encouraging. And with this point of view, likely there will be more “have not’s” than “have’s”.

Alternatively, if you really choose whatever you say you want in life, and allow the Infinite Creative Law that makes everything happen, then timshel can facilitate opening to an even greater possibility in Life; one greater than any you have imagined so far.


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