Confidence: More than a Positive Mental Attitude

To have confidence is to have the assuredness or certainty that all is well and that life will work out in your favor. This quality is often believed to be reserved for military generals, government officials, religious and business leaders and other people in "high positions." However, this belief is an absolute absurdity. If confidence was reserved for those who had already obtained a “high position” or achieved their goals then no one would ever obtain a “high position” or achieve their goals because everyone one would still be waiting for this quality to present itself.

Confidence is more than a positive mental attitude. It is a state of and being based on an inner knowing about the reality back of all things.

Confidence is not arbitrary. It is a matter of fact. For example, you are probably absolutely confident that if you plant an orange seed and the natural conditions are right you will soon have an orange tree. There is no doubt, worry, or concern in your mind about this fact. You have 100% confidence that the intelligence present within the soil works without fail for all plants (including your orange tree) every time.

But what about your life? What about your dreams? Can you have absolute certainty that you will experience them?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Let me explain.

The secret to confidence is in understanding that there is a universal process of creation that is constantly at work and is governed by the entirety of your intention and attention.

You can have absolutely certainty that this process is always at work and will work favorably for you if you simply choose for it to do so. To confirm this, look no further than your present state of affairs. In this moment, your life reflects everything you have placed your attention on and given your emotional energy to. If you have health, abundance, peace of mind, and love it is it is because you have given your attention to harmonizing with and experiencing these qualities. If you are experiencing the appearance of sickness, poverty, frustration and hatred it is because you have given your attention and sympathy to these qualities even though you may have done so unknowingly. You can have complete confidence that your environment is a perfect match for where your intention and attention has been directed. The good news is you can redirect your energies.

You are the choice in the matter. Is your clarity and affirmative emotional state in favor of your grandest dream or your worst nightmare? Whichever reality is most clear in your mind will be the reality you experience.

With this understanding you need not give a single thought to avoiding failure. Why? Because it cannot exist without your permission. Your success is assured if you are living into a dream that is authentic to you and you keep bringing your mind back to it more times than not…no matter how far you allow it to wander.

Say to yourself as many times a day as you need to, “I know with complete confidence that the law of creation works perfectly, without fail and exactly as I believe. I place my full intention on the specific efforts and affirmative emotions required to realize the full expression of my soul.”

Abandon at once any idea that suggests you must have confidence in others, physical forms or external forces. Such beliefs amount to no more than superstition. When your confidence is in the law of creation and the power back of it, all that you allow to be fully expressed through you becomes your reality.

This begs the question. Who would you be if you knew you couldn't fail?

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