Welcome Your GOOD in 2018

The opportunity you've been looking for lives within

If you make one new years resolution this year, I hope it is to welcome your GOOD instead of disqualifying yourself from it.

While visiting family during the holidays I was asked on many occasions to share how or why something was working well in my life or my relationship. Without naming names, each time this family member would inquire about the nature of my affairs, and she did so with great regularity, she would without hesitation proceed to “explain” in great detail how and/or why she was unable to experience a similar good.

For example, this didn’t happen exactly but I'm not far off…., suppose she asked, “Michael how often do you exercise?” I would respond, “ Each evening my wife and I go for a walk and have a good conversation along the way.”

Her automated response would be...“Wow, that’s so sweet you two are so good for each other. I love to hear about these kind of things but yeah...no, we could never go for walks in the evening, I don’t get off work until late then, I have to cook dinner, and check my emails in order to prepare for the next day. You never know when you might get a really important email at night and you don’t want to miss it. Work is really important, you know Besides, no one here likes walking much, least of all the kids, and I don’t want to leave them alone since I don’t see them much during the day. And my husband and I don’t have much to talk about we’ve been married for a long time, you know, after awhile you just read each other’s mind on most things. Plus, you never know these days; even though we live in an upscale neighborhood and it’s mostly safe, you never know when someone decides to wake up one morning and go on a kidnapping spree. I don’t want to be outside walking down the street when that day comes. The world is so dangerous, but yeah, you guys are so brave and so physically fit. I think it’s wonderful you walk together but as you can see I could never do that.”

Phew...I’m sure you can only imagine what the rest of this family member’s life looks like and how much more fullfilled it could be. OR maybe you don’t have to because you do the same thing in your life.

Take a look at your life. Where have opportunities presented themselves but you have chosen not to even consider them because you have been so busy creating stories about how bad something “could” turn out? How might you be responding to life with automated responses of limitation?

In New Thought philosophy one of the core principles is that your definition is your law. If you create a story about something negative happening and you buy into this story emotionally, you'll be guaranteed to see the fruit of this thought. If on the other hand you open yourself to your GOOD and the possibility of life without limits, amazing things will always present themselves. This in not about positive thinking. It's about positive BEING. Happy New Year!

"We are all immersed in the atmosphere of our own thinking. This decides what shall take place in our lives." - Ernest Holmes

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