Restoring Your Authenticity

BEing authentic is vastly different from living from one's personality or making decisions based on what we have become accustom to believing about ourselves or what we have led others to believe.

Authenticity lives in the moment, releases our unlimited, inner-power, and arises newly in each subsequent moment. It is the constant, ever-unfolding of our greatness and enriches all who are touched by it even if they are unaware of it in the moment.

When we say or do things contrary to what we know to be our truth we are committing an act of treason against ourselves or acting inauthentic. Sadly, treason is always punished by death; the death of the Authentic YOU.

Inauthentic choices stem from the desire to control or manipulate a person or situation to achieve a certain outcome due to fear or uncertainty. This is not good, bad, right, or wrong; it is simply something we may have learned works for us…that is until it doesn’t. Often inauthentic behavior is learned in our formative years.

For example, if you grew up seeking the attention of a parent or a peer you might say or do things you might not want to say or do in order to gain a sense of approval or security even if you feel the true you slipping away little by little.

Over time, rationalizing your inauthentic choices becomes easier to do. Before long you don't even realize that you're not living in YOUR truth. Instead, you are making choices you “think” you need to make in order to keep something bad from happening, to be seen favorably, or to simply “keep the peace.”

However, each inauthentic choice made carries a consequence. The first consequence is a perceived loss of power and voice, this is often followed by harsh self-criticism and judgement, then resentment and blame towards those we may love but have come to label our "enemy" or "victimizer."

To regain our power, voice, and remembrance of who we truly are, we must start by acknowledging our in-authenticity to ourselves and the impact it has created in our lives and in the lives of others. Next, we must create a new future for our lives and commit to releasing the past so it does not become our default future.

Once this internal work is complete then we can share what we have uncovered with those who we sought hypnotize by our inauthentic behavior. This requires a willingness to be vulnerable and risk experiencing an unfavorable response. Your strength to share your truth with those affected by your choices is in direct proportion to the forgiveness and grace you have given yourself. Simply put, if you have not appealed your case against you for a favorable verdict and are still judging, beating yourself up and blaming others for your choices, you have not given up your mask of in-authenticity. Especially if you have all of the “evidence” that the other person deliberately sought to harm you.

A word of caution; when cleaning up in-authenticity, speak from your heart, make “I” statements, take 100% responsibility for your actions and don’t speak until you can. (i.e) I chose to keep my true opinion from you because I didn’t honor my strength or yours VS. I don’t tell you things because you always get upset). People can spot a fraud from a mile away. In fact, you might even be surprised to discover that the secret you thought you were keeping about the true you has been on display for quite some time. You might always be surprised how quickly speaking your truth liberates others to do the same

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